Technology, Millennials and a focus on context over content are just three of the factors leading to a seismic shift in the world of professional coaching and consulting. Stay up to date on the influences (and what to do about them) via our posts here.

Turning Individual Learning into Organization Wide Change

Enter Actionable. We help busy, successful coaches and consultants scale their impact and create lasting behavior change for their clients.

Sara Saddington
Scaling My Business with Actionable—Getting Out of My Own Way

I needed to make sure that my vision was in my calendar every day, focus on where my clients wanted to go, and include Actionable as part of the journey.

Shawn Shepheard
Meet the ACP — What Our Network Is Saying

We work with some of the smartest consultants in the business. We want to improve the world of work for everyone—our network of partners helps us do that.

Sara Saddington
Smooth Sailing: Leveraging the Cadence of Your Business

When you leverage the cadence of your business, you can understand when it’s quieter than usual and work on your business instead of only in it.

Lora Crestan
Changing Behaviors Through Precision Consulting

Organizations bring in consultants to help them become better equipped to handle challenges and adopt the behaviors that will allow them to thrive.

Sara Saddington
Infographic: Mastering Behavior Change

By arming yourself with research about how our brains function, you can work to mitigate threat responses, and pave the way for successful behavior change.

Sara Saddington
The Return on Investing in Yourself

My suggestion is this: think about where you are investing your time and your money, and put in place the practices to make it worth your while.

Lora Crestan
Adaptive Consulting in a Digital Learning Landscape

Learning technologies, and specifically adaptive learning platforms, represent an opportunity to deploy learning more systemically throughout organizations.

Sara Saddington
Transmitting Culture Change Through Conversations

As culture change agents, unless we can help organizational leaders think and act more laterally, we’re guaranteed to miss the mark at delivering changes.

Jane Watson
Our Best Reads for Thriving in Change

The world of work is changing rapidly. These changes can be viewed as a challenge, or an opportunity—but one thing is certain: change is the new constant.

Sara Saddington