Technology, Millennials and a focus on context over content are just three of the factors leading to a seismic shift in the world of professional coaching and consulting. Stay up to date on the influences (and what to do about them) via our posts here.

Learning In a Day, and Other Myths of Professional Development

It’s a tough shift to move from teaching lots all at once to keep face, to providing a little bit of learning, with lots of application support, more often.

Andrew Speer
Redefining Expectations: Flexibility in a VUCA World

Life is messy, and yet we crave tidiness and a certain amount of control. When we set our expectations on “perfection” we are bound to be disappointed

Anna Brooks
Can You Imagine? One Question to Unlock More Expansive Thinking

Looking at your business from the can you imagine perspective is not about blue sky thinking, it’s about pushing the boundaries of your thinking.

Lora Crestan
WorkHuman: Making the Most Out of My Conference Experience

I’m just about to board my flight to Austin, Texas for the WorkHuman conference. Conferences can provide an incredible opportunity to learn, network, and reconnect with the things we love (or don’t) about our industry or profession. But just as easily they can be echo chambers of slightly stale “best practices” under the glow of fluorescent […]

Jane Watson
Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt — Get Out of the Middle to Get Unstuck

What I’ve found is that this simple reframing to starting again, from being stuck in the middle, helps me go forward. It could work for you.

Lora Crestan
When ‘Word of Success’ Isn’t Enough

In today’s consulting landscape, word of success isn’t enough. There’s no hard data to backup your claims about your impact.

Andrew Speer
Beyond Fear: Embrace Curiosity to Spark Meaningful Change

Fear might make you finally leap when your back is up against a wall, but desire and an energizing curiosity is what will sustain you for the journey.

Nikki Barrett
Reduce Your Learning Landfill: Small Changes Equal Big Results

We have a waste issue with learning: the culture of learning could be described as ‘disposable,’ as the majority of it gets left behind in the classroom.

Louise Davis
Actionable Strategic Plans — How to Help Your Clients Succeed

The pace of change continues to accelerate, but most organizations continue to use the same processes and tools to implement their strategic plans.

Chris Taylor
Diagnosing a Low Trust Culture

Your clients trust you to help them fix problems, engage their teams, and get better results. But do they trust their teams? Do their teams trust them?

Sara Saddington