Harness a learning platform to scale your business
(and impact).

Everybody wins.

When you combine your relationships, skills and experience with a scalable learning platform—one that provides measurable insight into the relationships and behaviors of your client organizations—everybody wins.


Your brain. Our tech.

Actionable Conversations helps foster better relationships, measurable behavior change and leading indicator people insights across organizations of all sizes. The value that’s generated by the system is fairly impressive. But it’s not enough on its own. Your knowledge and relationships bring the insights to life with a client.

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Why should you care?

Tapping into the Actionable Consulting Partner tools gives you access to:


  1. An additional and recurring revenue stream.
  2. A treasure trove of client data and insight to bolster your strategic conversations with senior leaders.
  3. A full support team of sales and marketing professionals.
  4. A global community of likeminded peers; collaborative, accomplished professionals who give a damn.

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We take our
relationships seriously.

We’re not interested in working with just anyone. The Actionable Consulting Partners who qualify to be a part of our community are more than just licensees of the Actionable Platform, they’re part of the team. And we support our team members in a big way.


  1. Exclusive distribution rights for Actionable Conversations.
  2. Sales support, as often and as ‘hands on’ as you need.
  3. Go-to-market strategy onboarding and training.
  4. Community involvement through live and virtual events.

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