The people you
work with are as
important as the
work you do.


We’re not for everyone.

In fact, we know that we’re really only a fit for consultants who:

  • Have been in business for at least a couple of years.
  • Have a desire to grow and a willingness to try new things.
  • Pass “The BBQ Test”.

Think you might be a fit?

Take the Fit Assessment

Compatability_BBQ Test

What’s the
BBQ Test?

Imagine you’re throwing a Sunday afternoon BBQ and you invite the neighborhood. You know that one guy who shows up empty handed, eats everyone else’s food, hogs the conversation and generally doesn’t “fit”? That’s the BBQ test. We work with good people. Socially aware people. Period.

The Dating Process.

As you may have picked up, we’re pretty serious about who we invite to join the Actionable Consulting Partner (ACP) network. This isn’t a transaction for us, it’s a long term relationship. And, as such, we believe it’s important to get to know each other before any commitments are made. Here’s a few pieces to the application and approval process:

  • Complete the Fit Assessment (get some of the basics out of the way)
  • Initial Call with a Regional Director (prove neither of us are robots, and answer some early questions. Plus, this is where you pass the BBQ test… hopefully)
  • Attend a Discovery Session (live, virtual or recorded, these short sessions give you a broader understanding of the Actionable universe, and your potential role in it)
  • In-Depth Call with a Regional Director (more serious exploration of how Actionable can fit for your business and answer more questions)
  • Due Diligence Process (Introductions to some active ACP members & additional reading material, as needed)
  • Final Call with the Regional Director & Contract

First things, first.

The ACP Fit Assessment will guide you through 5 simple questions to help you understand whether the ACP might be a potential fit for you. Then, if it is and you’re interested in chatting, we’ve made it easy for you to send your Assessment results to the appropriate Regional Director.

Take the Fit Assessment

Where’s my upside?

In the spirit of transparency, (and because we’d want to know, if we were in your shoes), we’ve created this Potential Revenue Calculator, so you can see how you’re positioned, should you move forward with Actionable. We’ll go through the financial piece with you in more detail if/when we connect and, of course, none of these numbers are guaranteed or anything other than a benchmarking tool. However, this is what your Actionable revenue stream could look like, once you’re up and running. We hope you have fun with it.

Interested in exploring further? Complete the ACP Fit Assessment and we can schedule a call to discuss further.

Take the Fit Assessment

Potential Revenue Calculator
  1. # of "active" clients (those you've serviced in the last 3 years)

  2. Average # of Full time employees / client

  3. Number of client "sales" meetings you'd conduct: per

# of
revenue per
new client:
$10,000 -
$312,500 -