The biggest shift
in the professional
learning industry
in 25 years.

The changing landscape.

Global spend on traditional classroom-style training is down over 10% since 2012.

Global spend on non-traditional learning tools is up over 22%.

You’ve worked hard to build your service based practice. But how are you staying relevant?



  • Measurement and useful insights.

    Like all facets of business, the more directly you can relate learning spend to financial gain, the easier it is to justify.

    If you’re still measuring the impact of your learning initiatives by ‘participant satisfaction’ or ‘concept retention’, you already know that it’s getting harder every day to justify the spend. Sure we all believe that people development is important, but wouldn’t it be better to have hard metrics around it?

    When you leverage Actionable Conversations and the integrated Action Engine with your clients, you will have real time insight into organizational behavior change and direct business impact. Hard data, and the insights to do something about it.

  • The Kirkpatrick-Phillips Model for Evaluating Human Resource Development and Training

    Five layers of evaluating the impact of a training program. From top to bottom: ROI, Results, Behavior, Learning (Retention), (Participant) Satisfaction.  The higher up the pyramid you can prove measurable results, the more valuable the training.

    Effectively, the higher on the pyramid that you can measurably show impact, the more attractive your offerings become.


Get off the treadmill.

Even when you provide exceptional value in every client interaction, there are only so many hours in the day, and only so many clients you can service in a year.

The Consultant Treadmill of (1) pitch the business, (2) develop the program (3) deliver the program, can lead to lumpy cashflow at best, and burnout or exhaustion at worst.

92% of new Actionable Conversations clients repurchase in their second year.

When you integrate Actionable Conversations into your business you increase revenue and get out of the cycle of having to constantly reposition yourself with your clients.

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